DH Elite High Temperature/Low Amp Air Mover

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DH Elite High Temperature/Low Amp Air Mover

DH Elite HT/LA Specifications

Designed to Work High Temperatures Associated for Restoration and Heat Drying
1.8 Amps
Daisy Chain
Ball Bearing Motor
11" x 20" x 22.5"
26.6 Lbs
1/8 HP


The DH Elite HT/LA Air Mover was designed from the ground up to work in heat.
The body, fan blade and motor all were designed for heat.
The Forward Air Directional Technology gives you a more concentrated air flow
which gives you much better drying because what you aim the DH Elite HT/LA at is where the air will go.
The power draw from this air mover is 1.8 Amps.
It also has daisy chain, ball bearing motor, high temperature rating and only weights 26.6 lbs.
I have been working in the restoration business for over 31 years and I think this is the best axial air mover I have ever used.

Please Note: The DH Elite HT/LA Air Mover "Does Not Come With the Variable Speed Controller or Hour Meter As Shown In Picture Above"


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Part Numbers

Part Number DHELITEA-R (Red)
Part Number DHELITEA-B (Blue)

Please Note: Specifications for the DH Elite HT/LA Air Mover Specifications are subject to change without notice
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