EnergEdry Eliminator Restoration Heater 115/120VAC

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EnergEdry Eliminator Restoration Heater 115/120VAC

First Generation ELE 6400R
Second Generation (Current Model) Eliminator Restoration

The Eliminator Restoration Is Not Designed for Bed Bug Treatments. If Used It for Bed Bug Treatments This Voids the Warranty The Eliminator Pest Is Designed for Bed Bug Treatments. Click Here To See the Eliminator Pest Bed Bug Heater

• Outperform Dehumidifiers 100% of the time when used with the VapairVent Ventilation System • Works on 115v circuit or 230v splitter with “Ramp Up” power feature that keeps more circuits available for air movers • up to 92F temperature rise capability allow for proper temperature control in positive, neutral or negative pressures • Digital thermostat w/12’ cable measures temperatures from within the drying or tented area for accurate control of drying temperature • Heavy duty construction, durability & thermostat with 12’ cord and modular plug.
The Eliminator is NEC ® compliant using standard 15amp household breaker

Please Note: The Eliminator Restoration is not a ductable bed bug heater. It was designed for restoration.
You will damage the Eliminator Restoration if you use It for bed bug treatments.
Also if you do use the Eliminator Restoration for bed bug treatments that will void the warranty
If you need a bed bug heater please visit us at www.driheatbedbugsystems.com

Xactimate Code

Approved as WTRHTAM @ $230.00 per day

Detailed Description

The Eliminator Restoration requires four 15 amp circuits for full power.
It needs one circuit minimum and you can add circuits 2, 3 or 4 depending on the size of area you are drying. Each circuit gives about 23° temperature rise.
It also has one low amp cord for the fan.
The Eliminator Restoration is NEC ® Compliant (National Electric Code)
when using a standard 15amp circuit. Perfect for drying houses, businesses etc.
You can also attach the 6” Mylar
(see picture below) to the snout of the Eliminator Restoration so you duct heat cabinets, hardwood flours, ceiling cavity,
wall cavity etc. Because to thermostat is modular you can stretch out the cord and put the thermocouple
in the area you are drying and have complete heat control. I was in the restoration business for over 31 years and
I used the Eliminator Restoration on almost all my dryouts.
After using the Eliminator Restoration for years I feel it is the best portable 115/120VAC heater on the market today.

Eliminator Restoration Included Accessories

One Section of 6" x 25' Mylar Ducting

Eliminator Restoration Heater Specifications

20,473 Btu's
6,000 Watts
12.00 Amps/Circuits
Thermostatically Controlled
Standard Color Blue
Eliminator Restoration 36lbs

Eliminator Manual

Eliminator Manual Click Here


One Year Parts and Labor (Repair) or Replace
5 Year Housing

Part Number


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