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With over 33 years in the restoration industry we know the business.
If you need help we can help you because we have been there and have a pretty good idea what you are going through.
We will give you our best advice on what equipment will work best for your particular situation and how to use it.
You can call Eric direct at 303-257-8056 and you can be assured you are buying from a company
that knows the restoration industry.
Unlike many other companies that just want to sell you equipment and have no idea how to use the equipment.
We are there for you!

FREE Technical Support for All Restoration Heaters and Equipment We Sell

With heat drying you can dry most water damage losses in 2 days or less without any major tear out using normal industry drying techniques. Reducing or eliminating the tear out of building materials saves the insurance companies, property management companies, etc… Huge money and time in repair costs. This will make you their 1st choice for the dryout.

Our Drying Systems create the Fastest Drying possible. We use a thermostat control that you place in the drying area to regulate the temperature at the materials. This is unique because most units cannot control the temperature at the materials. Ours does.
This makes our system the easiest to use on the market.

Restoration Collection by DRI Heat
Perfect for Restoration Companies Just Getting Into Heat Drying Business

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Radial 8 Restoration

Radial 8 Restoration 120VAC

Safe Harbor Approved Radial 8 Restoration:
Restoration Package Includes:
1 Radial 8 Xtreme Heater
1 Radial 8 Xtreme Air Mover
1 Radial 8 Duct Adapter
1 Section of 25’ x 12” Mylar Ducting
1 Quick Release Clamp
2500CFM (Radial 8 Air Mover)
26,190 Btu's
7,680 Watts
Heater 28 lbs
Air Mover 30 lbs

Price $2,441.99
New Lower Price
Sale Price $1,899.00 + FREE Shipping

Part Number DHR8X-XA-DUCT

Radial 8 Restoration Details...

Radial 8 Restoration Packages...

We Will Beat Any Advertised Price
for the Eliminator Restoration

Eliminator Restoration 120VAC

Eliminator Restoration:
Works on 115v circuit or 230v splitter with “Ramp Up” power feature that keeps more circuits available for air movers.
Up to 92F temperature rise capability allow for proper temperature control in positive, neutral or negative pressures. Digital thermostat w/12’ cable measures temperatures from within the drying or tented area for accurate control of drying temperature.
20,473 Btu's
6,000 Watts
300 CFM
36 lbs

Price $1,999.00
Sale Price $1,799.00 + FREE Shipping

Part Number DHEIR

Eliminator Restoration Details and Video...

Eliminator Restoration Packages...

We Will Beat Any Advertised Price
for the DRI Heat Elite 52K Restoration (I)

DRI Heat Elite 52K Restoration 240VAC

DH Elite 52K Restoration:
The Energedry Eliminator 52K (R) Over 52,000 Btu’s and 15,360 Watts of Heat, 2,500 CFM. The Eliminator 52K Restoration at full power is more than 2 1/2 times the Eliminator (R)’s at full power.
52,377 Btu's
15,360 Watts

Price $2,795.00
Sale Price Price of $2,145 00 +
FREE Shipping

Part Number DHELI52K-E-R

DH Elite 52K Restoration Details...

DH Elite 52K Restoration Packages...

Dual Element Universal
Air Mover Heater

Every Restorer Should Have at Least One
Universal Air Mover Heater

Dual Element Universal Air Mover Heater:
900 watts/Plug/1,800 Total Watts
6,138 Btu's Both Plugs

Price $399.00
Sale Price $344.00 + Shipping

Part Number DH-DEUAH

DE Universal Air Mover Heater Details...

Power Cords and Adapters

Power Cords and Adapters:

Power cords...

Power Distribution cords and adapters...

Power Distribution System

Power Distribution System:

Price $419.00
Sale Price $399.00 + FREE Shipping

Part Number DH-TUR-BOX

Power Distribution System...

ITA75 Indirect Fired Heater
Temporally Out of Stock

ITA75 Indirect Fired Heater:
Indirect fired heaters produce 100% clean dry air. Indirect fired heaters are just like your home oil or gas burning furnace with a chimney. The flame is contained in a burn chamber which heats a “heat exchanger”. The cooler air passes over and around the heat exchanger, thus heating the air. Indirect fired heaters deliver clean, breathable heated air to the treatment area.

SterilizAir AFD/HEPA

SterilizAir AFD/HEPA:
600 CFM
Extremely Low 1.4 AMPS
Filters Smoke Residue, Pollutants, Dust & Allergens
Includes Pre Filter & HEPA Filter
Charcoal Filter Optional
Variable Speed
Hour Meter
Change Filter Indicator
Multi-Port Exhaust Vent
Patent Pending FREE Shipping to the Lower 48

SterilizAir AFD/HEPA...

Air Movers

Air Movers:
Please Visit Us at www.DiscountAirMovers.com for a Full Line of High Quality Air Movers at a Very Affordable Price

Air Movers Details ...

VapairVent Ventilation/Dehumidification System

The VapairVent Ventilation/Dehumidification System Outperforms Dehumidifiers 100% of the time when used with the Elite 8 Restoration, Eliminator Restoration and the Elite 52K Restoration or Equivalent Heater and
Only Use 0.28Amps of Power

VapairVent Ventilation System:
One VapairVent
One Exhaust Booster
Two Sections of 25' x 8" Mylar Ducting
One Section of 25' x 8" Mylar Ducting

Price $699.00
Sale Price $595.00 + FREE Shipping

Part Number DH-VAPAIR

VapairVent Ventilation System Details and Video...

Mylar Ducting | Ducting | Hard to Find Clamps | Quick Connect Duct System

Mylar Ducting and Clamps:


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