VapairVent Ventilation/Dehumidification System

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VapairVent Ventilation/Dehumidification System

The VapairVent Ventilation/Dehumidification System Outperforms Dehumidifiers 100% of the time when used with the
Elite 8 Restoration, Eliminator Restoration and the Elite 52K Restoration or Equivalent Heater and
Only Use 0.28Amps of Power

Video of the VapairVent Ventilation System Exhausting Out Bathroom Exhaust Fan
Video of the VapairVent Ventilation System Exhausting Out Flooded Basement
(Zipole Shown In Video Is Not Included with the VapairVent Ventilation System)

VapairVent Dehumidification System Includes;

1 VapairVent
1 Exhaust Booster
2 Sections of 25’ x 6” Mylar Ducting
1 Section of 25’ x 8” Mylar Ducting
Zip Wall Pole Shown In Picture/Video Not Included

Booster Details

Up to 218CFM


One Year Parts and Labor (Repair) or Replace

Part Number