Radial 8 Restoration Heater

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Radial 8 Restoration Heater 120VAC
with 26,190 Btu's of Heat
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Radial 8 Restoration Features

Radial 8 Restoration and Radial 8 Air Mover

26,190 Btu's
7,680 Watts
2,500 CFM (Radial 8 Air Mover

Radial 8 Restoration Included Accessories

Radial 8 Duct Ring
One Section of 12" x 25' Mylar Ducting
One Quick Release Clamp


The Radial 8 Restoration requires four 20 amp circuits or eight 15 amp circuits to run at full power.
The Radial 8 Restoration is a perfect candidate for a power distribution system (spider box).
You can use a 30 amp or 50 amp 220/240VAC circuit and convert to 110/120VAC
which simplifies the set up of the Radial Restoration because of the lower amp heating elements.
The Radial 8 Restoration needs one plug minimum and you can add plugs 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 depending on the size
of the dryout. The Radial 8 Restoration is NEC ® Compliant (National Electric Code)
using 20 amp circuits. The Radial 8 Restoration comes with one 12” Radial 8 Duct Adapter
that magnetically attaches to the Radial 8 Restoration. Attach the 12” Mylar Ducting with the included
12” Quick Release Clamp the Radial 8 Duct Adapter. You can heat a area or you can duct the heat into a crawl space, attics etc.
The Radial 8 has a built in thermostat that is adjustable. The Radial 8 Restoration is Safe Harbor approved.

Radial 8 Restoration Specifications

26,190 Btu's
7,680 Watts
8 amps/Plug
Thermostatically Controlled
28 lbs
2,500 CFM (Radial 8 Air Mover)
NEC Compliant

Radial 8 Air Mover Specifications

1.8 amps
30 lbs
20 foot power cord
Daisy Chain
Ball bearing motor
High temperature rated

Radial 8 Manual

Radial 8 User Manual


One Year Parts and Labor (Repair) or Replace

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